Foundational Years

Lakeview Christian School was birthed from a vision by Pastor Gene Cockrell and Pastor Duane Seitz of Lakeview Wesleyan Church in 1977. They shared the conviction and vision to see a Christian school in Grant County. The school started with a single preschool, kindergarten, and 1st-grade class.

By 1983 the school started gaining critical mass and served students PreK--5th grade.  During that season the school continued to add a grade each year. By 1990 Lakeview Christian housed preschool through 12th-grade students. Lakeview Christian’s school growth was enhanced by a growing church congregation.

Flourishing Years

Once a complete program was established Lakeview Christian School began to flourish. The elementary program had 2 classes in each grade rising between 150-180 students. The school received high praise and was well regarded as the premier Christian school within Grant County. LCS was flourishing academically, artistically, and athletically.  The majority of the families were in the upper middle to the wealthy social-economic bracket. 


Families were typically involved in one of the local evangelical congregations in the community. Lakeview Christian was a college preparatory school with very successful ISTEP scores.  The students at Lakeview were typically average and above average academic performers. Many students graduated from Lakeview with an honor’s diploma.  The secondary program included several flourishing athletic programs that were competing at high levels and earning a winning reputation. Lakeview was a member of the IHSAA and both the basketball and soccer programs experienced sectional victories several times during this decade, with a regional victory at least one time for our girls’ basketball team.  Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and Golf were some of the athletics offered.

Lakeview was also blessed with well-established relationships with Indiana Wesleyan University and Taylor University. Through those relationships, Lakeview Christian experienced high levels of enrollment from the staff at those universities providing a solid base of biblically focused families. In this season Lakeview was a well-established covenant school with high levels of parent involvement and biblically dedicated students. This season also experienced a growth in tandem with the church congregation. At the height of its enrollment, Lakeview Christian School was over 400 students PK-12th Grade and the church had a congregation of nearly 1,200.

Faithful Years

Lakeview Ministries experienced a challenge that most churches and schools never recover from. A ministry staff member who managed finances embezzled from all three primary ministries. The church, the counseling center, and the school were being called into a trial most ministries do not recover from.

However, in March of 2010, it became apparent the financial challenges were too wide and too deep to maintain a full program. The school board reluctantly, and painfully discontinued the 6-12 program. The remaining staff, board, and church grieved for fellow staff members that would lose their jobs, grieved for our families and students that would need to find a different school (some students had been at Lakeview since preschool), and we grieved about the uncertainty of the elementary programs moving forward. 

Through God’s protection and provision, He used school staff members, church staff and congregation, and board members, and specifically 7 faithful Elementary teachers, who dedicated their lives to students, who sacrificed in tremendous and tangible ways to come through the trial and start the process to rebuild the school.

Focused Years

As the current staff and leadership look towards the future, we can see while the vision-flame of Pastor Gene Cockrell and Pastor Duane Seitz, may have dimmed, the vision-flame was not distinguished! We know and claim Philippians 1:6.

By God’s leading, prayer, and exceptionally caring staff the flame is taking shape, gaining strength, and will provide warmth to the students of Grant County and beyond. Lakeview is excited for the coming years as we cultivate souls, inspire hearts, stretch minds, and equip hands through academic development, growing athletic programs, and enhanced expressions of artistic abilities of our students. 

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