Value in education

When considering the options for your students it's important to focus on 3 things:

  • 98% of LCS families receive some kind of financial assistance.

Lakeview Christian School offers multiple sources of assistance based on need and merit:​

Indiana School Choice Scholarship (Voucher)

SGO Scholarships

Lakeview Lion Scholarship

Tuition Paydown Program

  • The importance and part prayer plays through the process.

Whether your family is uncertain how to pray, new to prayer, or skilled at prayer; Lakeview Christian School is praying for you and wants to pray with you. 

  • The value of the Education. Go beyond the sticker price and look for value.

Questions to Consider: What connections can be made to help our family? What other services are provided through the school? What activities, clubs, sports will expand my students horizons? Where might I be able to serve and bless students with my talents in the school?

The last question is often the most overlooked, but is very important. LCS desires to partner with parents, we suggest part of your decision process should be where do you see yourself blessing other students with your talents. 

Tuition Freeze

in Place for next year!

2021-2022 Tuition

Enrollment Fees   

Total Enrollment Fees                            $65


Student Fees     

Total Student Fees                                 $165


Total Fees                                  $230 


Annual Tuition                                     $6,765


Total Tuition & Fees          $6,995

Lakeview Christian School 

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