Important Notice for 1-30-2020

Dear Families, 


I was notified late this morning that the heat in the preschool classrooms is out. However, the heat in the gym is operational, and we are using that space strategically. While a little cool, previously reviewed school studies have set a classroom temperature threshold of 64 degrees to continue operations. This heating challenge brings up two concerns. 1st maintaining an appropriate temperature in the classrooms and 2nd keeping the classes warm enough overnight.


1st Classroom Temperatures

Currently, the classrooms are maintaining a temperature of 64 degrees or higher. Nevertheless, we are utilizing our current oil-based heaters, which are warm to the touch, but will not burn, to increase the temperature of the one or two rooms that are at 64 degrees. We are also utilizing the gym to combine some classes during nap time while we warm up their respective classrooms. The kids are having an adventure.


2nd Maintaining Heat Overnight

The heating system should be repaired by mid-morning to early-afternoon tomorrow. To maintain the temperature overnight, we are purchasing additional oil-based heaters. We will also increase the Gym temperature to blow the warmer air into the main hall of the preschool building. We will evaluate the room temperatures early in the morning to determine if our approach as worked. If there are enough rooms at least 64 degrees and able to utilize the gym tomorrow, we will remain open.


What Parents Can do to Help

  1. Keep an eye on Facebook and email communications for updates.

  2. Dress students a little warmer on Friday in case the temperatures are still down a little.

  3. Bring an extra heater during drop off today to help heat the building overnight.

         Please make sure the heater is labeled with your name. 


While we may use filament space heaters overnight, they will not be used during the day to heat any student occupied spaces.

Dr. Brian H. Crouse

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