Coronavirus updates

Plan Updated Monday, August 24th 2020

Thursday, May 7th 2020

Monday, April 6th 2020

PreK Academy – 12th Grade

Dear Families, late last week the governor and School Superintendent announced Indiana Schools will stay closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. The details below will explain next steps for Distance and E-Learning. 

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Childcare & Preschool 3’s 4’s

Dear Families, our community's health situation is fluid and we will continue to provide updates. However, at the moment, Lakeview Childcare/Preschool will remain closed through May 1st. There are two survey's that will assist us greatly on understanding your needs and next steps. 1) Preschool Needs Assessment Click Here and the 2) FAQ Question Submission Click Here. Please complete these as promptly as possible. 

Friday March 27th 2020

PreK Academy – 12th Grade


Dear Families, the Indiana Governor and DOE Superintendent announced that they are keeping schools closed until May 1st, but encourage all schools to continue their ample efforts for E-Learning. 

Childcare & Preschool 3’s 4’s


Dear Families, the preschool Leadership and School Board has discussed and decided the preschool will follow the guidance provided to schools. Therefore, the preschool will remain closed through May 1st 2020. 

Saturday, March, 21st 2020

Thursday March 19th 2020

PreK Academy – 12th Grade

Dear Families, the Indiana Governor and DOE Superintendent announced that they are keeping schools closed until May 1st, but encourage all schools to continue their ample efforts for E-Learning. The Administration is finalizing our e-learning and distance learning plans that will provide a guide to take us through to the end of the year if needed. The start of e-learning or distance learning plans will begin on March 30th, and we are working on plans to provide families with laptops if required. The E-learning track requires internet access. We feel this is the more robust option for all students and wanted families to know that Spectrum and Comcast are offering free internet for 60 days. We will make the distance learning plans available, but they will require more parent involvement to help students learn the material. At the same time, the E-Learning track instruction, practice, and quizzing are all digital through our i-ready lessons. Details Coming Soon. The state has also canceled all state assessments for students.

Childcare & Preschool 3’s 4’s

Dear Families, the Indiana Governor and DOE Superintendent announced today that they are keeping schools closed until May 1st. Preschool Leadership and School Board will discuss for a final decision to continue the preschool closing in conjunction with the school closing dates. At the moment the decision is to stay closed until Monday April 6th, but may follow the same guidance as before and close until Monday May 6th. We will work on a final decision as soon as possible.

Tuesday March 17th 2020

Dear Families,


Please remember this is a rapidly evolving and unprecedented situation in our community/nation. School leadership is discussing everyday steps on the process to keep students safe while supporting their ongoing development. We apologize for altering our original plans sent home on Friday. However, the landscape of health concerns changed drastically over the weekend, and the additional time allowed us to develop a more robust approach for student development. We are working on developing and sharing those details later this week. CLICK HERE for Full Announcement

Sunday March 15th 2020

Dear Families,


As our nation was called to a national day of prayer, people all over the country and in our community prayed for healing, wisdom, and guidance. At this time the school leadership believes wisdom calls us to extend our prudent and careful action. Therefore, the school is postponing the teacher work days a little longer. 

Friday March 13th 2020

Dear Families,


Our community and nation is facing public health crisis. While details on how the Coronavirus is transmitted varies, and the mortality rates among populations differ, one aspect is undisputed, the rate of growth within the population is highly concerning. The health and safety of our students, staff, families and the community is our primary concern. Therefore, Lakeview Christian School Administration and School Board has determined the best course of action is to pause school operations for a period of time.

PreK Academy – 12th Grade

Closed Monday March 16th – Friday April 3rd

Expected to Resume Monday April 6th

  • Teachers and Administration will be working next week to develop academic plans to ensure student academic progress can continue during this pause.

Childcare & Preschool 3’s 4’s

Closed Monday March 16th – Wednesday March 18th

The preschool will pause school operations to allow:

  • Leadership, Staff, and Board to discern if the preschool follows the same dates as the PK-12th Grade.  To be decided by the morning of Wednesday the 18th.

  • Clean Sanitize and disinfect all surfaces, toys, classrooms.

At this time all extra-curricular and athletic activities are suspended until further notice. 

Moving Forward
Detailed plans about monitoring, sanitizing, ongoing communications, and online learning options will be shared next week as the administration and faculty collaborate and put those plans in place 


Dr. Brian Crouse, Head of School

Lakeview Christian School 

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