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Indiana families are blessed with multiple School Choice programs that allow students to attend private schools.

It is our hope and desire through these programs and our own internal efforts of fundraising that any family that desires to partner with Lakeview Christian School to grow and develop their students can do so regardless of financial constraints. That is why we provide 4 different opportunities of Financial Assistance to diligently meet the needs of the community.

The best way to understand your family's specific financial situation is to meet with our Business Manager to review details. 

Indiana School Choice Scholarship

Indiana’s Choice Scholarship Program is now one of America’s largest and fastest-growing school voucher programs. Essentially the program allows eligible publicly funded students a scholarship to offset tuition costs at private schools participating in Choice program.

  • Eligibility is based on certain eligibility pathways and on household income.

  • Amount is mainly based on 1) Household income to determine eligibility for full or partial scholarship and 2) the district in which the student lives to determine the amount. 

Partial between $1,500-$3,500   Full ​between $4,000-$6,500

  • Process as a participating Choice school our staff will walk you through eligibility, application process, and expected award amounts. 

SGO Tax Credit Scholarship

This School Choice program can provide assistance in two ways. 

  1. Families can receive a 50% tax credits for contributing to Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs), nonprofits that distribute private school scholarships.

  2. Those funds can be used by Lakeview Christian School to provide scholarships to students with financial need. 

  • Eligibility New and Returning students if their family income does not exceed 200% of the guidelines needed to qualify for free and reduced lunch program.

  • Amount is determined by the school using several factors in its considerations

  • Process Our staff will walk you through eligibility, application process, and award amounts. 

Lakeview Lions Scholarship

New in 2018-2019, the Lakeview Lions Scholarship provides an in-house scholarship opportunity funded through several sources. These awards are granted based on need and particular merit elements.  

sample award

Tuition Pay-Down Program

The tuition pay-down program offers an opportunity for families to actively participant in unique fundraising activities that provide ways to pay-down their expected family contribution for private education. In the example above the family will participate in specific fundraising activities to pay-down their tuition and fees. The current Tuition Pay-Down opportunities are:

  • Lion Card 

  • Script

Additional Opportunities are Being Developed. 

Contact the School Office if you have suggestions

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