A Note Regarding the Restructure at Lakeview Wesleyan Church. 

Dear Lakeview Families,


I wanted to offer some clarity regarding a communication some of our families have seen or heard about from Lakeview Wesleyan Church regarding their church restructure. Lakeview Wesleyan Church is moving into a new season. Since the death of their beloved senior pastor Tim Mclellan, the local church board has been praying and seeking God on how the church moves forward. Through prayer, counsel with the district superintendent, and other church leaders, they have discerned God calling them to move forward with a new organizational structure. The new structure does change some of the current staffing requirements. While this change is difficult, the church is stepping out in faith that God has spoken to its leadership and are called in this direction.


Some have asked how does the church restructure impact Lakeview Christian School? (Childcare, Preschool, Elementary, Secondary)


1st A Call to Prayer

Hebrews 11:8 states, “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.” The brothers and sisters of our hosting church are going through a challenging time. Several of our school staff call Lakeview Wesleyan Church their home. Keep the church, leadership, and our friends in your prayers.


2nd Lakeview Christian School is a separate 501C3

While Lakeview Wesleyan Church birthed Lakeview Christian School as a ministry of the church, the school has been operating as a separate 501C3 for several years. Lakeview Christian School is governed by its own school board, and the school board president and head of school are in frequent communication with the church leadership on this transition for the church.


3rd No Direct Impact

Since Lakeview Christian School’s governing authority, operating structure, and financial resources are independent of the church, the restructure will have no direct impact on Lakeview Christian School. Nevertheless, our love and care for our host church is like the relationship Paul expresses in Philippians 1:7-8. We are “partners in grace” with Lakeview Wesleyan Church, and we have them “in our hearts.”


4th Indirect Impact

Currently, Lakeview Wesleyan Church provides support services for Lakeview Christian School through an inner services agreement. This agreement defines services for things like human resources, accounting, bookkeeping, technical support, and custodial services for a fee. Even before the church’s new staffing plan, which includes less support personnel to maintain the same level of services it currently provides, the school leadership was in conversation on adjusting the depth of those services. This means the school had already started plans to redirect resources from outsourcing those functions to bringing those functions in-house.

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